How to make the office decoration more highlight corporate t
Published: 2014-12-05

Office decoration design has become the office environment necessary for a process, along with the now decorative design in the layout change constantly, Shanghai Swire decoration will bring forth the new through the old constantly advancing with the times, an excellent design team, not only in design should be reasonable, to accord with human body mechanics, aesthetics. And also through a simple design shows an enterprise culture. Good design is not to say that luxury is good design, real good design is the complex design simple, make simple design more can reveal the connotation of enterprise.

Office decoration design simple upgrading connotation is a good design works of the highest realm, simple does not mean the content is empty without expression, on the contrary the general standard of designers can be complex to show luxurious design, office decoration design is to make the whole space theory is the design layout or the details will be complex to simple, by simple and refined design technique, so as to enhance the corporate image, highlight the connotation of enterprise.

Office decoration design sense of luxury is not missing, the office of the sense of luxury is a source of space on the. Office of the design will be office reasonable layout is designed first and foremost, office layout can only right for the whole space more show luxurious, size, proportion of office indoor. Show every detail display position and scale of the whole space is a great influence. The office of luxury is not revealed by the magnificent, but through the whole office environment and design to highlight the noble. Design of leisure environment office, place lighting design elegant, concise modern equipment and ventilation etc. embody.

Office decoration design is a kind of positioning the entire office, so positioning must want the enterprise before the design, around the position to design is the soul of the entire decoration design.