The whole process of the office building renovation
Published: 2014-12-05

Office decoration has become a part of the essential office floor, the entire process of decoration is divided into: negotiate the design phase, contract phase, construction, acceptance. Whether the whole process Jiezhuang decoration or tooling are to go through these four processes, in the office decoration in the specific process is how to achieve? Today we look at the process for office decoration.

1 pre negotiate design stage is to select the right decoration company to determine the decoration scheme and design.

Currently on the market in the decoration company is mainly divided into two parts: one part is Jiezhuang companies, the other part is the tooling company, is mainly responsible for the Home Furnishing Jiezhuang decoration, tooling is mainly directed against a number of tooling such as shop decoration, office decoration, hotels, clubs and other some tooling. For the office decoration, the first choice is to work with the company, tooling and decoration in the decoration design and material choice when there is a great difference, so in the choice of office decoration must choose professional tooling companies select the company.

2 the contract stage mainly early in the decoration will be to design the main.

No good design will not have a good decoration effect, so in the decoration design has become before the renovation is the most important stage, in the office decoration design, must design the reception desk, office area but also the background wall and LOGO wall design, LOGO wall to the enterprise culture display. The strength of the display has a very big role, as these design in the home is not appear, in the high-rise office design should combine the work part direction combining design and high-level executives preferences, cultural characteristics and other aspects to design. Office space to create the perfect and efficient office efficiency.

The 3 construction is mainly the choice of materials, construction technology.

Office decoration wall will generally choose the design of sound insulation wall, and fire prevention board, aluminum composite panel, perforated sound-absorbing panels materials, these materials are rarely used in the home, in the home will generally use the wallpaper, latex paint, wall cloth and some other materials, selection and Jiezhuang tooling in the material is different and there is the need to consider the fire fighting and emergency evacuation problems.

4 approval is finally completed construction inspection

The fire channel of an enterprise is to be in conformity with the provisions, the construction quality is also a requirement to the final acceptance, tooling perfect should have not only the appearance requirements, there should be strict tooling quality.