Conference room design requirements are those?
Published: 2014-12-05
Conference room design requirements are those? Conference room design should pay attention to what the problem? Then I give the design requirements we explain in detail the conference room is that? Conference room design should pay attention to what the problem? Then I give everybody to explain in detail.  
Note the meeting room layout:  
A major factor affecting the picture quality, is the venue surrounded by scenery and color, and the chairs of the tone. Generally avoid using "white", "black" like tone, these two colors will have a "reflection" and "capture the light" the adverse effects on the human body. So whether walls, tables and chairs are more appropriate uses light color tone, such as the wall four weeks rice yellow, light green, light color and the South Coffee tables and chairs, appropriate uses cool color, the North should use warm color. On camera background (the figures were taken behind the wall) should not be linked with landscape painting scenery, otherwise it will increase the amount of information the imaging objects, is not conducive to improve the image quality.  
From the viewing effect, monitor layout often placed in the center position relative to the participants, height of about a meter, man and monitor a distance of about 6 times the height of the screen. The small meeting room (about 10 people) monitor can use only 29# to 34#, using a local area or in the meeting room; a large conference room should be based on the projection TV is the main use of rear projection type, can choose appropriate between 60# to 100#, to 100# for example, its size: width 2150 mm, 2880 mm high and 200 mm deep, preferably in the conference room the front is people place.
The conference room illumination:  
The light intensity is the basic and necessary condition of the meeting room. The camera has automatic color equalization circuit, can provide the true nature of color, from the windows of the incident light (color temperature 5800K) than a fluorescent lamp (3500K) or three color classes (about 3200K) on the high side, such as indoor have these two Guang Yuan (natural and artificial Guang Yuan), will produce a video image projection and red blue the shadow area; on the other hand is the meeting time is random, morning and afternoon natural Guang Yuan illuminance and color temperature are not the same. Therefore the conference room decoration should avoid the use of natural light, and the use of artificial light, all the windows application dark curtains.