Office decoration to make business more smooth
Published: 2014-12-05
Office decoration to make business more wind, office decoration design is not only a transformation of the same or a boost of luck to the whole environment, office decoration design to the fortune of the whole enterprise is a great role, may be a decoration place will have a great effect on the whole Feng shui. Many office are commercially available, so the development of the enterprise is the staff every boss every enterprise pays more attention to the. Office decoration in many matters to the attention of the.
Effects of 1 lights on the whole environment is very big, must take the white fluorescent lamps for rice yellow lights in the decoration, the light is a net can be spread throughout the interior, so people will capture.
Too high buildings of 2 around the office should not, will not only bring a sense of oppression, will also be on the whole office feng shui and career are influential, when HERSHEY'S will produce bad fortune, may subvert the entire original office feng shui fortune.
3 the office door should not be too much, although the office door can help increase transportation make fortune more flourishing, but if too much can make popular loopholes scattered, not wealth together, all before the office decoration design must pay attention to the design.
Office decoration design, the design is not only the pattern is a building of Feng Shui fortune, the decoration is not only environment is to increase the wealth of the.