Small office decoration color contrast good how planning?
Published: 2014-12-05
Now along with the work of soaring rents continue to rise, many of the new company boss beginning to pick a small studio to work. Small studio decoration due to the small size can not be broad, bearing the big companies like that, the demand to carry forward our imagination and creativity, the use of space in the studio decoration in the process of planning color style to do more articles. So, how to plan a small studio decorative color contrast good? To have a look the following studio planning Xiaobian gives Shanghai Swire decoration company's answer.
In a small studio decoration engineering, using appropriate colors on the function planning of wrong often assist. In the studio wall color selection, needs thinking studio use function. The introduction briefly below we do a small studio decoration color deployment knowledge.
1, a small studio in the decoration of warm color planning
In the studio in the decoration, especially with their backs to the Yin direction can select the warm color planning, warm color to give people a warm feeling, full of vitality, and may help to inspire your imagination and creativity.
The use of cold color, small working space in 2
Small working space decoration planning, cold color can make people feel cool and refreshing, can let a person quiet to help employees relax mood and transaction processing, distribution, but cold color should not be a large area to use, in the affairs of the Ministry of work space part range use, rather than the screen at intervals of cold color matching use neutral colors to do the regulator is the spatial layout.
Neutral color planning 3, small studio
Small studio decoration process, use the neutral color is the most widely, neutral color relatively cautious and calm, also easy to mix with other colours, if small studio to other parts of your room within the house is open, can a lot of using this color such as grey, ochre then studio decoration planning, charcoal and deep brown. These neutral color and other colors around to choose perfect fusion, neutral colors to the people in a rational and quiet, not detract, particularly suitable as studio general manager of decorative color theme.
4, a small studio decoration space white planning
Small working space decoration, the use of white style can open wide band, giving people the feeling of. However, prevent widespread use of white in the studio decoration planning, because it can make the eyes of the strain. On this point, it is a good idea to use another wall color, white as an accent color, neutral color with appropriate cross promotion space vitality. Or trim and shape, for example in the main color of the white wall in black element background wall, can appear to have tension and characteristics for the whole space.