Shanghai Taigu Building Decoration Engineering Limited company of bright a Sino American joint venture construction group and USA SOM architectural design company joint investment into China, the company was founded in 2001, Registered capital of 10 million RMB ,with architectural decoration construction two qualifications, building decoration design B qualification, the company specialized in the design and construction of office space, commercial space, workshops, clubs, provide solutions in the field of a full range of. The ISO9001:2000 quality system certification unit.

Swire decoration designers, the Ten Commandments

Article 1: not to copy other's creative work, under no circumstances.

Second: do not rely too much on computer technique, remember, you are a designer, not a computer graphic editor.

Third: do not always follow the popular design style, popular now, will be immediately out of date.

The fourth day: each with 10% experience involved ten design disciplines, it is better to use 100% of the energy involved in a discipline.

Fifth: not be to question their own that there is work to the public.

Sixth: not because of low price commercial projects, and give up the work requirements.

Seventh: do not rely on subjective consciousness evaluation works of others, not just parroting.

Eighth: do not work behind closed doors, the understanding of history, philosophy and the humanities, will be of great benefit to your work.

Ninth: regardless of the level of identity, must maintain a humble attitude.

Tenth: always believe that design can save your country, you can change the world.